I am a visual artist and I work in an interdisciplinary way combining film, sculptural installation, drawing and performance. The content of my work can be stated simply, as a continual re-asking of the question, What is the human relationship to nature? In each film and artwork this question is phrased differently. I focus on an environmental research institute in ‘RetroReflection’ 2017, a family house and garden in ‘Something Momentous Germinating’ 2017, a peninsula and wider relationships to the sea and land in 'Passage Migrants' 2013 and a singular plant in 'Buddleja Forest' 2012. In each work detailed and specific research is built up over time to engage the subtlety of a particular context. 

Though  I emphasise the aesthetic potential within seemingly everyday situations, there is a critical questioning which hinges on the radical position necessary to have an unfettered relationship to nature. Always striving for a Romantic position, this possibility is continually frustrated and negated through knowledge. The political implications of the wider framework collide with poetics of the personal. I have been working with Super 8, 16mm film and 35mm slides to create moving image works over the last 8/9 years. It is important to my work that these mediums have significant histories of practice. The content of my artwork continually questions our links with invisible and overlooked histories, there is a link between the medium and content of the artwork which is crucial.

I make artwork in order to expand on critical thinking around the complex human position regarding nature and how we relate to the world. My filmmaking builds on the languages of diary film, essay film and relationships between image and sound/music. My films are consistently place based and build on my experience in creating delicate and layered site-specific installation works. I move simultaneously towards creating films and creating deconstructed installations and performances.