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RetroReflection focuses on the interplay between a building, it's river bank location and the research within. ERI (Environmental Research Institute) is a UCC building dedicated to environmental scientific research located on the floodplain of the River Lee on the outskirts of Cork city. The building, though the main protagonist of the film becomes in some sense invisible, an interface  revealed predominantly through it's reflective glass surfaces linking the interior and exterior spaces. The film has been entirely shot on 16mm between March 2015 and January 2016. The medium of 16mm is referenced in the voiceover, the splicing and assemblage of film and transfer of light to celluloid are an integral part of the conception of the film. The filmmaking process through this traditional medium links to the laboratory work documented in the filming. The critical aims for this project investigate man made divisions between interior and exterior, between natural and artificial, between human and non-human.